Making sense of the cloud.

Ask 100 people, "What is the cloud?". And you'll get either 100 different answers, or only something like: "Online photo sharing!". Both are wrong.

"The cloud" is an amorphous thing, and from its beginnings, it has changed a lot. This is good news, but comes with the drawback that either people are stuck in their old beliefs, or even worse, try to redefine everything. The result is cacophony and utter confusion - which is a bad thing, because either it is a too narrow definition (online photo sharing) or a too broad definition (n+1 different answers), which is particularly damaging, because: "... when everything is cloud, nothing will be." [inspired by: Syndrome, The Incredibles]. 

This is really bad since either type of response is obstructing business leaders' ability to develop and make strategic decisions, and to execute actionable plans that follow. The result is all but devastating, and often causes frustration, employee detachment from their work, low motivation, and drop-out: Brain drain is one of the most serious threats to the organisation's success.

Next generation cloud services are driven by customer experience, not service experience.

We define the cloud not as what it delivers, although it predominantly still is about IT services - that is still thinking of cloud as a technical thing. The new way of thinking about cloud is: "How can I provide my service so that it fits the customer's specific problem domain?"

Bringing back the true and original meaning of the word service into the IT domain requires a service provider to change their thinking from inherently negative ("We provide a service that the customer needs") and provider benefit-driven thinking ("Only with us will you get the full cloud experience!"), to inherently positive ("We provide a service that enables, empowers the customer to go beyond where they are now."). The more crucial change of thinking and service delivery is that customer experience driven cloud services do not draw the customer into its way of working. Next generation cloud services adapt to the customer's way of working instead.

Cloud Consult can help translating this into how to change your service catalogue to remain relevant in the future.

Wisely chosen cloud services enable you to grow from being a good company to being a great company.

Yes, adopting IT and especially cloud services can deliver all the efficiency and cost savings many providers promise. But that is the mindset of a manager. The leader's mindset goes beyond and asks: "Why do I implement this change - for what purpose do I use these gains?" That's what differentiates leaders from managers, what distinguishes good companies from great companies: It is the situational awareness of its leadership that makes all the difference. 

Our position is clear: The purpose of strategically adopting cloud services is to change your company to grow beyond what it is at this point in time - and a great company is not only a delight to work with, but also a company that people would want to to be a part of: An organisation cannot be truly customer 4.0 driven if it doesn't apply the same values - honesty, authenticity, and agility - to its own workforce. To turn into a customer 4.0 company means changing from managing to leading, from fulfilling a need to help thrive and growing. And that applies to any organisation providing any service.

We can help you with everything that's necessary to turn from being a good company to being a great company.

Together with its partner network, Cloud Consult offers a variety of services addressing specific areas of business transformation towards becoming a true Customer 4.0 organisation:

  • Business strategy & blueprinting.
    We combine Digital Transformation strategy with Customer Relationship Management into a unique approach for businesses to reflect on their individual strategy, why it needs to change, and how to concretise those change in the customer's context. 
  • Enterprise & IT Service Management. 
    Services need to be managed so that they deliver consistent and reliable quality time and again. We are applying a new, unique approach to IT Service Management to agile businesses, and scale it up so that it applies to the entire operation of a business: Re-use of proven practices reduces friction and learning curves.
  • Product & Business Development. 
    Having witnessed far too often how brilliant ideas with huge potential crumbled into oblivion only because business processes were not aligned and supportive of each other, we developed together with partners an innovative framework that brings together the concept of technical and market readiness of a project, guiding the practitioner towards having everything in place at product launch.

And in case we are unable to help, we will do our best to find someone who can help you instead. That is a promise.